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April, 5th 2021, by Thomas Schulze



We move our customers! With experience and competence. Just the way it suits our players. Technique and tactics, stamina and coordination - everything goes without saying. And: Since tenniscoMpany was founded in October 2001, we have primarily wanted people to learn to play together. Right from the start. Because then you as a player on the pitch will find solutions in a wide variety of situations as a matter of course - in leisure-oriented cooperation and also in the performance area.

As early as kindergarten age, we teach dwarfs the joy of movement in an age-appropriate manner, we look forward to the progress of the kids and juniors together, and we accompany our competitive and tournament players on their way. Sometimes with unusual training methods. The owners Nic Marschand, Thomas Meyer and Sandro Costa look forward to talking to you personally about their training philosophies and options. As I said, with us tennis is a togetherness.

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