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Nic Marschand has been a successful coach in Germany and internationally for many years.

Stars like Michael Stich, Barbara Rittner and Claudia Porwik have trained with Nic Marschand, coaches like Sascha Bajin or Dirk Dier (Davis Cup team) grew up through his school, countless children enjoy tennis with Nic Marschand - even the father of one Daughter - discovered and just as many young people learned how to play the perfect forehand, for example. The former head coach of the Niki Pilic Academy is the founder and owner of tenniscoMpany and is currently mainly looking after young talents.

As coach of the men's Bundesliga of the HTV Hannover, he worked with other top 50 ATP players. “The training and the coach have to suit each of our players personally. Just being individual is not enough! Because that doesn’t include the customer’s playground or the coach’s personality."


Iroda Tulyaganova


Karol Kucera


Astrid Besser

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