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SaarLorLux Open


April, 24th 2021, by Thomas Schulze

SaarLorLux Open Merzig, Germany 09. - 15.08.2021


Merzig announced today a tournament in August in Germany. This ist he second tournament in region Germany.

With a perfect location, Merzig is near 4 countries, Germany, France, Belgium and Luxembourg.

The team in Merzig has a lot of experience in international tournaments.

The venue at TC Merzig has 11 outdoor courts, 1 tennis wall and is located in a spacious outdoor area with a clubhouse, restaurant and a spacious terrace. Several large parking spaces are directly adjacent to the facility.

The facility is embedded in a highly attractive sports and leisure center with a wide range of sporting, cultural and culinary facilities.


You can find more information about the tournament here.

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