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Reutte International U12 Girls


August, 20th 2021


The JWTS regional tournament "Reutte International" took place in Reutte, Tyrol last week. In the new global tournament series, children can collect world ranking points for the first time.

The youngest player with only 9 years was Jacciara Hummel, followed by Valentina Leuprecht, who turned 10 on the weekend of the final. Sakura Broll is also 10 years old, Helena Leuprecht and Marie Mellauner are both 11 years old. The birthday child Valentina Leuprecht gave herself the best present by winning all 4 matches and the tournament. Her sister Helena came in second place with 3 victories. Jacciara, Sakura and Marie could each win a match. So there were no losers among the U12 girls.

Results here

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