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In addition to the sporting opportunities and the tournament series, the JWTS endeavors to provide its young players with support from the areas of sponsorship and marketing at an early stage. The JWTS has various partnerships with suppliers of products from the world of sports.


The model


- Partnership with sponsors

- Integration into their online sales

- Technical networking

- Advertising via own homepage *

- Promotion through appearances in tournaments

* JWTS helps set up a website

and ensures the permanent processing of the same  




The goal


Financial relief for expenses for training, camps and tournaments

Building a second pillar for your career

Permanent support through long-term agreements beyond the career *

Secure the future without investing

Self-sponsoring - self-controlled, independent of performance or sponsors, without obligations, for an unlimited period of time as a member of

                                               Players Promo Club

                                               by JWTS


* Agreements only with JWTS, no obligations for athletes towards sponsors.

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