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Iroda Tulyaganova Vice-President Asia


January, 7th 2022

Iroda Tulyaganova Vice-President Asia   

JWTS is proudly presenting  Iroda Tulyaganova, former WTA number 16, secretary of Uzbek Tennis Federation and head of own tennis school there as the new JWTS Vice-President for the Asia region.

As a new JWTS Vice-President she will be occupied with representing JWTS in Asia and promoting the tournament circuit in this continent.

" I think this is a great project. The idea of organizing a worldwide tennis tour for young people is very good. It's a great way for the kids to play this kinds of tournaments."

The Uzbek Tennis Federation is the first National Tennis Federation entering into a cooperation with JWTS. One of the many interests for kids and juniors will be to get not only points for JWTS world ranking but also for the national ranking list of Uzbekistan by playing JWTS tournaments.

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